This last month has been a whirlwind of emotions – some great highs, some intense lows. We’ve had conversations we hoped never to have, and still a month on seems surreal to be having.  Family, friends, neighbours and acquaintances have amazed us with their overwhelming love and kindness. Everyone’s been calling, emailing, texting which has been wonderful and really brightened our days to know so many are thinking of us. We’ve appreciated every single one, and don’t by any means want them to stop.

However, keeping everyone up to date with the facts of what’s going on – how the last appointment went, when the next one is etc – has become a full time job and the repetition is exhausting , so here I hope to blog in order to convey information in the easiest way.  It also hope it will be a good way to keep those loved ones who live far away in the loop.  And if the factual updates are done this way, it leaves more time for chatting, emailing, texting etc about the more normal things in life!