Went wig shopping – something I never thought I’d say – today. A surprisingly pleasant experience! Went with a wonderful friend  – a second opinion is key. Tried on a variety – short, long, blonde, red. Long is too much hassle, blonde doesn’t suit my colouring. Conclusions- probably something similar to my hair colour, wedge bob with a fringe to cover the place where eyebrows should be.

At £350ish it’s a bit of an investment. I’ve heard quite a lot that chemo peeps get a wig and then never wear it: because they see it as denial, they’re happy looking as they do, wigs can be uncomfy especially in the summer, your scalp can be sore, scarves and hats do the job etc. I am swayed by the argument that there are days you just want to blend in, when you don’t want to talk about it, when you don’t want pitying looks or whispers from passers by, when you’re meeting new people and would rather your illness isn’t the main topic everyone’s trying desperately to avoid mentioning while staring at your shiny baldy head.

There’s an NHS option, to which you contribute about £70. An appointment is arranged once you start chemo. I think these are machine made, which have plugs of hair like a doll’s head, rather than hand tied, which gives a much more natural look. Still worth a look.

It’s a whole new world…