A trip to Longleat, such a breath of fresh air! Met up with wonderful friends, and had a lovely morning. The weather was great, trip on the little train, time in the adventure castle playground, a picnic and a journey on the boat. And while on the boat we had a full house of sightings. Of course the sea lions were plentiful, shouting ‘arf arf arf, where’s my lunch?’ or at least that’s what Tilly says they say.  The mythical hippos, who you can usually just about see (or at least the guy doing the commentary claims are there wallowing in the mud when actually it just looks like lots of mud) were in the water and we got pretty close. And Nico the silverback gorilla was sitting on his island for all to see.

This hat-trick never seems to happen, so we were very lucky. It was a lovely morning.

On leaving, I felt a sudden pang of sadness, fear, a feeling of being lost. This was the last thing in the diary before things begin in earnest…