Back at RUH bright and early, having exchanged our parking ticket for one that costs only £1 – a privilege for patients on the day of chemo, what a consolation! Makes a change from the last few £7+ tickets we’ve had.

Lovely nurse Jessica takes us through our induction. Go over everything from yesterday. My blood results are back and they’re perfect – swot strikes again. I take my place in one of the ten or so armchairs – an old lady parkernoll affair. V comfy though.

The cannula is put as low down as possible in your arm, the first time in the back of your hand, as the veins damage each time so this gives them more scope of where to go next time rather than starting half way up your arm. To get the veins all juicy, you soak your hands in warm water first. Then Jessica put the cannula in painlessly. She then administers a ‘push’ of the first drug – several huge syringes of bright red stuff, which as I later discover she’s correct in saying turns your wee bright red too. Then a clear syringe then I’m hooked up to a drip for an hour or so.

I’d thought it may be a but upsetting seeing the other cancees there who are further on in treatment, but they all look ok …ish.

All a bit of an anticlimax. Feel fine, though start sneezing towards the end of the drip which is apparently one of the side effects – weird. Dan and I left and went out for lunch and I felt fine. Bonkers that I’d just had chemo and was now having lunch in a nice pub, but fine all the same. Confident that we’d got the first one over with and that any side effects would come in about 24 hours, we pootled home. Had an hour before we were to collect Tilly so I put my feet up for a bit. Then off to get Tilly…and then it hit.

Euuugggghhhhhhh the nausea hit me like a train at about 3pm. Then vomiting like a vomity thing. Jeepers creepers. This wasn’t the plan!