The sun’s out, and has been for a few days. I’m finally feeling almost normal – eating a bit, sleeping a bit, absolutely shattered but that’s improving too. Dare I say it, perhaps cycle 1 is done with and I’ll have about two weeks of feeling ok before I have cycle 2??

I think that is one of the weirdest things about chemo, that you have to voluntarily walk back in and have treatment again knowing that the side effects will be horrid. Can’t they put you in a coma-like state, administer all 6 cycles of chemo, do the op, do the radiotherapy and wake you up at the end of it, having not had to deal with any of the nastiness of it? Maybe I should ask?!

Still, I’ll make the most of the time between now and the next time – this is likely to be the easiest of the cycles I’ll have *shudders at the thought*.

It’s our fifth wedding anniversary today – our lives have changed in so many ways since our wedding day. But some things have remained constant, and if I have to go through this crappy cancer journey, there’s no one I’d have by my side rather than Dan.