Jeepers, it’s a week on from chemo 2 and it’s been quite a week. The actual treatment was fine, routine, quite jolly actually. A friend came with me, and a few magazines and a manicure later we were on our way home. They packed me off with a couple of new anti sickness meds to add to my usual cocktail, and the expectation that I shouldn’t be sick at all this time, and any nausea would be manageable – hoorah!

I felt ok, went home and went pretty much straight to bed for a snooze. Then started to feel increasingly ill, and by 6 it was all going a bit wrong. We called the unit – the serious tone we were met with was sobering. Increase meds further and wait. The unit called back within half an hour to monitor progress, and things had stabilised. Advised to take a higher dose of all the anti sickness medications for more days than planned.

So the next 5 days passed in a blur. Managed to eat a little and keep it down, though the nausea was overwhelming and utterly debilitating. Physically a little more bearable than cycle 1. Emotionally tough as reality continues to hit. The fatigue is intense and utterly consuming. Mum and Dad were here for a few days providing distraction for Tilly, Dan had work commitments in London, and with the help of friends without whom we couldn’t have coped, a week on we are coming out the other side of chemo 2.

And things are looking up.  2 treatments down, 4 to go, one third of the way through chemo already. Tilly’s book is looking amazing, but more of that later. Hoping for a couple of weeks of feeling good prior to chemo 3. Tomorrow it’s back to hospital for an ultrasound and a mammogram to track the progress of treatment so far, and all signs so far are positive. Will update with the results.