A big appointment today. A meeting with the senior radiologist who performed my original scans, to check any changes in the tumours, and therefore the effectiveness of the treatment so far.

Arrived at the unit feeling pretty ropey following a sleepless night and this constant nausea is pretty draining. Lovely to see the familiar faces of the amazingly lovely staff, who were all very kind and encouraging. Had a mammogram – so uncomfortable, and disappointing to find there’s been no redesign since my last visit to allow space for the boobs’ owner’s head to exist during the scan!

Then an ultrasound, during which lots of measurements are taken on screen and comparisons made to the initial scans. And…amazing news. The tumours are less dense and have shrunk a little, and so the chemo is working! The relief is impossible to put into words. To know that all the horribleness of chemo hasn’t been for nothing makes it a little easier to accept.  Indeed the radiologist said that often experiencing strong side effects to chemo is a sign that it’s doing its job. So at present there’s no need to alter or prolong my chemo regime.

Today’s scans also confirm that a mastectomy will be necessary, as the overall diameter of the affected area remains the same, which was to be expected. I’ll have further scans in August to track progress further and give more detail as to surgical requirements.

So a massive step forward: real confirmation the chemo is working as hoped. A real boost to have this positive news, phew!