A bumpy few days, very down on occasion but coming through. I think having 10 days following chemo of feeling so ill I can’t even think, that in the following 10 days before the next treatment I can do nothing but think. Now we’re in the swing of chemo and kind of know what we’re doing, we’re beginning to look ahead a bit at what’s to come September onwards, which is seriously daunting.  And the long term, life long effects of treatment for me, Dan and Tilly are huge.  We’re trying to live a day at a time, bit it’s nigh on impossible when life around you carries on, and plans need to be made.  Still the point of the treatment plan is to be here so we like the plan.

Had a fab day out just us to the seaside on Sunday – very British, very traditional and very fantastic. Tilly was queen of sandcastles, we had fish and chips in on the beach, got rained on a little and then got a bit of sunburn from an afternoon of amazing sunshine!

Had a good appointment yesterday with the oncologist. She is pleased with the progress so far as shown in the scans which is great. She’s upped all my anti-sickness and steroid meds, and I am honoured (!) to have been prescribed a super expensive drug on top of the regular ones in the hope that this cycle is better than the last two. So I shall be a-rattling. In her words she’s now bringing out the big guns. Had a blood test and haven’t been contacted to say there’s anything wrong so I guess chemo is happening tomorrow.  Pleased to be keeping on schedule.

So keep your fingers crossed for the next few days, see you when I’m out the other side.