What a rubbish couple of weeks! A lot has happened, and all the incidents together add up to a whole load of ridiculousness.

I’ll start at the beginning…someone drove into my car just before chemo 3. A minor bump, their fault, but still it resulted in a lot of hassle for Dan dealing with the insurance, hire car companies etc.

We got a jolly letter to say we’d got a speeding fine, for speeding at 37mph in a 30 on our way to the first chemo – super.

Went to chemo 3 and was so apprehensive. Felt sick in the morning before I’d even got there just at the thought of what was to come. The actual chemo was fine.  This was the last one involving the red drug, which apparently is the main one responsible for the sickness. It’s while having this one injected that you have to suck on ice lollies to cool and therefore lessen the blood flow to the lining of your mouth to protect it from the effects of the drug.  I managed to up my ice lolly total during treatment to, count them, 5. Thank goodness that’s the last time I have to have those lollies, they are rank! But they did the job and I haven’t had much of a sore mouth this time. During treatment I chatted to the nurse about the first three treatments and what the change in treatment program for the next three means side effect wise. It doesn’t sound much fun but the sickness and nausea should reduce which is good to hear, though I have to say I’ll believe it when I see it.

The next day, Saturday, was actually not bad, and I thought that this time I’d got away with it, that this chemo would be ok after all. But Sunday was awful and the next few days passed in a blur as always. I was less nauseous thanks to the mega meds, absolutely shattered and everything hurt. It felt like I was one big bruise. Most of what remains of my hair fell out on the Sunday night which is painful too.

Cancer/chemo is a very isolating experience, and being in too much pain for a Tilly hug for days on end hammers the point home in a very real way.