Great to be home, and Tilly was super happy and telling us all about her time away. We were in Tilly’s room, me sitting in on proceedings while Dan did everything to get her ready for bed. Playing as they do every night, getting her pyjamas on, then suddenly Tilly yelped, started to shake and was crying a high pitched cry that we’d never heard before. After a few minutes of trying to calm her down to no avail, we went to the local minor injuries clinic. Tilly needed an x-ray of her leg, but as it was out of hours their x-ray department was closed. So… you guessed it, it was back to the RUH for the third time that day.

We arrived at 8pm and got home at 4am. Tilly was amazing throughout, despite the pain. She’d sustained a fractured tibia, just below the knee. Leg in plaster. Unable to walk on it for at least a week. Poor thing. And it happened during the usual horseplay but this time her foot slipped and her leg went at an angle and crack.

The next day she was subdued but very good. Then that night we didn’t get much sleep as she couldn’t sleep for the pain and had a very high temperature. The next day her temperature hit a new high and we were advised to go to hospital…a different one this time which made a change. She was prescribed codeine and just had to wait for the fever to pass.

Ah, so  3 nights of a sum total of 9 hours sleep, but we were home and all ok. Tilly’s leg has made everything so much more tricky just at a time we need everything to be easy. She has been a very good patient, but is clearly frustrated about it all.

We spent another afternoon at hospital a week later to have her more permanent cast put on which she is able to hobble about on, and this is to stay on for 3 weeks.

And the icing on the cake…chicken pox is probably headed our way – but it’s not here yet so we’re ignoring that one for now.