Having had chemo on the Friday, on Tuesday night I started to feel breathless. Wednesday morning walking at all, eg walking downstairs, made me breathless and a bit wobbly. I called the unit, who advised me to see a GP but that I shouldn’t go to the practice, I needed to call them out to see me at home. The GP arrived at lunchtime, took some bloods and said he thought I’d need to go into hospital but the blood test results would confirm what, if anything, was necessary.  And so it was. The blood test results were wonky so by 6.30 I was back at hospital in A&E. The main concern was that I may have a blood clot on the lungs. I had a chest x-ray, ECG and a surprisingly painful injection to stop any clots getting worse. As there was nothing more to be done that night, they let me go home at midnight, set to return the following day first thing to see the consultant. A friend had saved the day and had Tilly to stay the night, my neighbour had very kindly driven me to A&E and Dan had raced back from London to be with me – what a palaver!

So back to the RUH first thing Thursday after a few hours sleep, then sat and waited and waited which is the way of things. My breathlessness was so much worse, walking from the car park to the department was difficult, holding a conversation was almost impossible. Met with the consultant, who reviewed my tests and x-ray. I think doctors forget that this is a new and scary experience, and the throwaway statement,

‘Well, you haven’t had a heart attack…’

Right, I didn’t realise that was a concern.

‘Oh yes, there appears to be a problem with your heart or your lungs. From the x-ray it doesn’t look like your heart is enlarged and your ECG was ok, I can’t see any further metastases (tumours) on your chest x-ray, so a blood clot is more likely. You need a CT scan and if that shows no clots then we’ll do further test on your heart.’


CT scan wasn’t until 2pm so we came home for an hour. We normally would have pootled around waiting, but I felt so awful I just wanted to be at home. Returned to RUH, had a cannula inserted to my arm which took a few goes and was super sore. Because I was so breathless they put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me round to the CT department. Had the scan during which they inject dye through the cannula, which feels very strange. Then Dan did some freaky wheelchair driving while we waited for the results. 4 hours later, ugh, we had the result – no blood clot hooray! Come back tomorrow to see the consultant again – boooo.

Home, collected Tilly, relieved to be home. Great to see Tilly, hadn’t seen her since 10am Weds morning, missed her. We were shattered so as much as we’d missed her, we were looking forward to her going off to bed and then we could crash.