Chemo 5 has gone, done and dusted. Yes, it was horrible, yes the side effects were pretty intense and miserable.  But, it was the first cycle of chemo that didn’t require a follow up visit to A&E or the services of an emergency GP appointment. Hurrah! So not all bad.

My week 2 was spent away en famille which was lovely but left me so so tired when we got back resulting in a full 3 days of doing absolutely zilch. This fatigue is like nothing else.

Emotional rollercoaster, very upset in the last week about all sorts of aspects of all this nonsense, but appreciate that this stage is soon to be complete.

My oncologist says my emotional state is following the exact pattern they would expect. Starting off gung-ho, then for cycle 5 the medical term is ‘pissed off’ and for cycle 6 ‘sad, teary and fed up’. Good to know I’m a text book case.

Going into chemo 6 tomorrow at a bit of a low ebb, but buoyed up by the fact that it is to be the last one. A couple of weeks recovery and then I should be on the up heading for some kind of normality for a bit. I’ll be super tired for a while afterwards, and easily fatigued but the side effects should be no more as no more of those big drugs will be going into my system.