Had a mammogram and ultrasound in order to enable the surgeons to plan what operation will be necessary.

Both scans show that the chemotherapy has had a massive effect on my tumours. They are all much less dense and their volume has decreased markedly. The dimensions remain the same in that there are still cancerous cells at the ‘edges’. The radiographer was really pleased, and said it is a really good result.  Apparently, often when you suffer with chemo it means it’s doing its job which has definitely shown to be true in my case.  To have been through all that for no benefit would be beyond disheartening.

This all bodes well for surgery, in that it should give them more options regarding removal and also any future reconstruction.  We’re having our first meeting this afternoon with the surgeons when they will present their plan. By tonight we should know what operation they want to do, and when, and what recovery is required. How any reconstruction may work and when that may happen. And the long term impacts of it all.

It’s all a daunting prospect, but we should feel stronger going into it than we do at the moment. There is a lot to plan – childcare, Dan’s time off, and the all important help of friends and family – and sitting here now with absolutely no idea of what’s ahead is unnerving but we will know more later on today.