Hello again,

Apologies for the radio silence – it’s been a pretty full on four weeks since the last chemo session.  It’s been a long month – the hangover from chemo has been huge, having a much greater impact than I anticipated, and it seems to be continuing.

The first two weeks were awful, so much pain and fatigue, altogether worse than previous times. And since then a little improvement each day, but still no where near normal.  My hands are still very sore and my nails are starting to lift – yuk. My muscles are so weak, from hardly moving since May, that doing just little things is mega tiring and really hurts my joints. I keep over doing it, by hardly doing anything, and then paying for it the next day by being even more shattered. I feel utterly ancient.

The cumulative effect of chemo builds and builds throughout treatment and then takes week to leave the body so I guess that’s where we’re at now. I’d hoped that it would be quicker and that I’d be feeling ok now.  It’s beyond irritating and somewhat depressing that symptoms are continuing and new ones are arising.

On the upside I can finally taste food again, though everything tastes weird.  And brilliantly, my hair has started to grow back. It’ll take years to be back to how it was, but glad it’s started.

I am feeling so much better than I have for weeks, things are improving, all be it slowly, so must remember that.