Deputising for my super and rather eloquent wife, I am tasked with providing a few updates until she returns victorious yet weary from the theatre. Forgive me for all is well so I wax lyrical with delight!

Any of you “Thesps” amongst you or those who have walked one stage or another, may know that first night nerves always appear and you should not let them get the better of you. Well this was a one woman show accepting no returns and she played to a full house powerfully and with calm control.

All in the wings held their breath as she played out the tale from pre-op monologues with the surgical consultant, anaesthetist and pharmacist dancing their well worn routine to our extraordinary experience through questions, some personal, others not, to the wonderful dreamy delight of the sedatives. A delivery that should have lasted and thus enjoyed over a much, much longer moment to prepare her for the penultimate act. Sleep…..You’re under!

……Behind the doors the surgeon does his work. Those in the wings, in the cars and in the homes hold their breath, waiting at desks and in the company of children to hear the news not daring to consider what we have all seen flash through our minds. Then silence whilst  we wait for news.

The final act opens as I round the corner to see her in her serenity via a jarring discord, of all things loved and all things not –  tubes, monitors, drains – but there, see there…clear skin, an absence of bruising, there’s the best smile, a smile and a look shared,  one meant only for  me. I breath again. She is returned, she is beautiful.

All around sinews relax and the sun darts a quick ray of light from behind the clouds.

I return later today to see how she is once the good stuff has worn off. Until then. Dx