Well, here we are again Deputy Dan reporting.

No longer woozy from morphine, Rosie woke yesterday clear headed but nauseous . After a quick breakfast of sorts, which she saw again a few minutes later, she was kindly informed that her pain relief was often found to cause this! Later came the anti-sickness drug (Thankfully I.V.) but its effects did not become apparent until Rosie had also chucked her lunch. Which to be fair is more likely due to the desperately poor quality of the food as opposed to the side effects of pain management. We surmised that the budget per head was probably about the same as that for those enjoying her majesties pleasure, then both in unison agreed that it was actually, probably and in all reality much less!

In herself she is much brighter and sparky, but tired and experiencing discomfort as you would expect. She is up and about and she has been given a very nice heart shaped cushion by Kate her wonderful Macmillan nurse. This, she can pop under her arm without putting pressure on the wound  site. She no longer needs a cardboard box to pee in as she is easily accessing the loo, although she has to gather up the two drains and the tubes which she tucks in to a pillow case to carry. One of the drains is likely to be removed today as it has dried up and no longer required, the other the day after we hope.

She will see the consultant today to review the histology and outcome from the material removed and we hope she will be then on target for coming home tomorrow.

We have had a number of kind visitors the effect of which has been extremely beneficial and for which we are both very grateful. Nanny and Grandpa have been on hand to help with things at home and have both been amazing, Tilly will testify to that! We have a list of people to thank for their selfless support, you know who you are and we love you for it. [Hot choccy in the morning though – did you have to ? :-)]

In summary, the girl I know and love is slowly being revealed again. Her hair is growing well, eyebrows gaining definition, skin smooth and without flaws. The smile may take a little longer and the catch light in her eyes is definitely still off, but we are on the road and we can see our destination emerging from the mist.

The evil within is no more. She no longer carries the impish creature within her. It has been removed!

The main battle of the campaign is fought and won. So for now she can rest and grow strong once more.

Then on to Mordor and the ring……

Sorry couldn’t help it!

I will probably report once more then it will be back to Rosie to let you all know how she feels in a day or so. Until then…D x