What’s new? Not much! Recovering from surgery, being good and resting as much as I can, ie whenever Tilly is in childcare.

My arm is very uncomfortable and I’m still not able to use it much at all. The numbness is lessening in some areas but as the numbness fades, the pain increases – brilliant – I guess as the nerves recover from being knocked around. I’m doing my exercises – a variety of arm stretches 3 times a day – which are pretty painful, but seem to be increasing my arm’s mobility.  My ex-boob is still a site for seroma which is really quite painful, and I’m hoping this will subside soon.

We’re all very tired: me from chemo, surgery and some Tilly time; Dan from the combination of work and most Tilly dealings; and Tilly from having a social life I can only dream of. Mum’s pretty tired too and is having this week off from us!

Dan and I are off to hospital tomorrow for our first Radiotherapy appointment – as far as I know just an initial meeting to outline what’s involved. They don’t give you much of a break, it feels like it’s come around a bit fast.

On the upside, Tilly has spent most of this week dressed as a pumpkin and Dan has carved a very impressive brain out of a watermelon so it’s not all bad…