Received great news today – got my radiotherapy schedule of appointments through and I’ll be finished by Christmas! I have a planning appointment on 20th November, then I start radio on Monday 26th November and then every weekday until Friday 21st December. Really pleased that it won’t, all going well, drag on into the new year. And they’re all morning appointments which makes it much easier from a Tilly childcare point of view.  I’ve got a couple of days that I’ll end up being there most of the day due to other appointments, eg an oncology chemotherapy review, but it’s brilliant that there is now a little light to be seen at the end of this particular tunnel.

Otherwise, this week has been tough emotionally, but not too bad physically. The disappointing radiotherapy appointment has weighed heavy and has stirred up afresh a few issues we’d begun to deal with by giving us slightly contradictory information than we’d previously heard. But, onwards onwards as always. I’ve spoken with my Macmillan nurse about it and she’s set up an appointment with my previous oncologist in December to clarify a few things. As always my nurse’s care and consideration has been wonderful. My arm movement is still restricted which makes things tricky and I’ve felt pretty exhausted. And today I ended up having to lift up Tilly, which I’ve been avoiding since the op. And it proved to be a bad move as I felt something twang in my ex boob and it’s been more sore ever since…ho hum.

So now to organise the next 6 weeks of ferrying me to and from hospital and childcare for Tilly…be warned, if you’re local I’ll be contacting you soon for yet more favours…!