So a week to go til radiotherapy starts. I’ve had a whole week without hospital appointments – woohoo – and only have one this coming week – luxury.

A smidge of a hint of normality this week for the first time in a long time. I went for a countryside walk with a friend and it was the furthest I’ve been able to walk for months. It wasn’t far, similar to the usual daily Digby dog walk of yester year, but it was a mini milestone. At the height of chemo walking up the stairs at home was difficult, and a couple of months ago managing to walk around the garden was an achievement. So a longer stroll felt good. I was shattered for the rest of the day but it was good to feel a little less ancient than I have of late. Digby’s away on holiday, staying with family for a few months and it’s a goal to be up to walking him when he returns in the new year. He’s loving where he’s staying and it’s much easier not having him here right now, but his homecoming will make things feel more normal.

I entered the wholly unglamorous world of mastectomy lingerie this week with a bra fitting with a lady who specialises in post mastectomy bras. She is such a lovely person, very gentle, kind and caring. Once again this crappy cancer has caused me to meet and spend time with wonderful people. She is great at her job, works from home, and happens to live 5 minutes from me. It was great to go to her house rather than to a department store.  I felt totally fine showing her my scar, and she confirmed it is a really good aesthetic result. But there seems to be a gap in the market for pretty mastectomy lingerie, so much so she’s working with designers to create a solution.

Friday night I stayed overnight with a great friend, having a proper catch up and she looked after me so well, breakfast in bed and all!  Saturday morning we went out as a family, had a great time but had to sleep in the afternoon to recover! Dan and I had an evening out which was great. It was so nice to get out together, and we talked and talked. Our good old friend cancer loomed large in conversation but it didn’t take over completely.  Sunday had to be spent rebuilding energy spent over the weekend. Other things I’d hoped to do didn’t happen, I keep totally overestimating what I’m able to do.

Dan’s away for a couple of days and for the first time in a long time I’m sole carer for Tilly so we’ll see how we go. I am generally improving, and my mobility is much better. I’ve had a couple of evenings when my arm is throbbing which is new, but seems to be a warning that I’ve been over doing it. My hair is growing at an amazing rate, it’s the same colour as it was and appears to be coming back curly…! Apparently it may all fall out and start again, but so far it’s thickening up and soon I should be able to go out without a hat or scarf and claim that it’s my chosen hair style, rather than the fluffy scruff it is now.

And this week I’ve been bowled over by the kindness and love we’re surrounded by, but more of that on my next post as now it’s off to bed again for me…