I can’t quite believe it but active treatment is finished. Soon we embark on the maintenance phase of daily medication but for a blissful eleven days over Christmas, I will be, fingers crossed, free of any medical intervention.  We’re looking forward to a happy and relaxing small scale family Christmas with just us three at home.

Appropriately, I finished radiotherapy on the day of winter solstice, a day of new beginnings and looking forward to the future. It was also the day that Mayans predicted apocolypse. I have to say I would have been more than unimpressed if I’d got through treatment just in time for the world to end. But as it was, the date has passed and we’re all still here so all’s good.

When this crappy journey began back in April, we were given a rough schedule of events and when I asked whether we’d be done by Christmas, they said with luck we would be. And we are – just. I’ve managed to be well enough to keep to schedule for all of the treatments, the hospital has kept its side of the bargain.

As predicted the side effects seem to be increasing and will continue to build over the two weeks or so following treatment. I’m incredibly tired and the skin and torso area affected by treatment is much more sore. My throat’s also very uncomfortable as it was caught in the area of treatment. These should all soon subside and I hope to be feeling altogether much more normal by the end of February, or at least that’s the information I’ve been given.

I’m not due to go back to hospital until 1st February, and the month or so between now and then will be the longest I haven’t been there since April. We had a meeting with my oncologist last week, which I’ll detail in a later post, but the headline from it is that they’re very pleased with how everything’s gone, which is good to hear.

The run up to Christmas has almost entirely passed us by but suddenly we find it’s tomorrow. Tilly is very excited and it’s the first year she’s got really into it.  And the bribery of her being good so that Father Christmas will come is proving very useful! In the last 3 days we’ve been on a Tilly-potty-training mission, which should have happened much earlier in the year but for obvious reasons we delayed it. She’s done really well, and so far it’s been a very easy process, though requires a surprising amount of energy from us all!

A slight fly in the ointment, and just to top off our year, today (Christmas Eve) Tilly has come down with chickenpox. Ah, 2012 has been brilliant. So far she’s pretty jolly with it, so fingers crossed this remains the case. At least it’s happened at a time when Dan’s home and off work, and we’re not reliant on any childcare to cover hospital appointments etc.

So a Happy Spotty Christmas from us to you all, and again a huge thanks with bells on for all your support.