Just a note to say, thankyou for your messages of concern regarding my last post. I am extremely happy to report that the x-ray is clear! *breathes huge sigh of relief*

My consultant phoned, apologising for the delay in reporting back but she’d been away and then wanted to get the head honcho to read the scan which held things up. Now that I know it’s ok, I can admit to myself and you how much I’d been worrying about it, how every few minutes my mind wandered to what might be lurking within me, how the little voice in my head got louder and even more persistent.

So there we are. In hindsight avery stressful couple of weeks but with a happy ending.

TIlly and I had a break at my parents’ for a few days last week. I hadn’t been there since I went to break the news to my family I had cancer, nearly a year ago. Strange thinking back to the last time I was there – so much has changed since then. Good to catch up with family and friends and good to realise that I’m now well enough to visit, having been unable to for a year. Things change, and as much as at times its felt never-ending, managing to do things that have been impossible for a while reinforce that I am getting better and very much on the road to recovery.